Oh My Mami [Mami’s La Cubana Cuban Restaurant]


Mami’s La Cubana Cuban Restaurant  Atlanta, Ga

I had the ultimate craving for a nice cup of coffee today. Midday at the office, in the midst of paperwork, I decided I NEEDED a cup. I just started my internship in Hapeville, a few miles south of downtown Atlanta. I didn’t know anything about local coffee shops or where they were. I did a quick Google search and found a “Drip” coffee shop. That was good enough for me, and within three minutes I was on my way.

I parked on North Central Ave, eager for my fresh cup. I looked up and noticed a blue painted brick building, with a sign reading, “Mami’s La Cubana Cuban Restaurant.” I thought, hey why not grab some Cuban coffee and a sandwich. I would love to immerse myself in the Cuban coffee culture, but I haven’t yet taken advantage of the lifted embargo to take a trip to Cuba. As someone who loves Cuban food and drinks, coffee’s role in Cuban culture is quite apparent.  A quick history lesson; After the Haitian Revolution (1791),  Cuba became a prominent exporter of coffee to Spain. However, after the Cuban Revolution (1959), the coffee industry began to decline. Yet, at any Cuban restaurant, coffee makes its presence. A common coffee drink is Café con Leche, translated to coffee with milk. It is comparable to an American Misto or Café Au Lait, though they are not as good. It consists of mostly steamed milk, coffee, a tiny pinch of salt and sugar, a combination of deliciousness. I enjoyed my cup today.

“Mami,” recognized me upon arrival, though I’ve never even seen the place. She used to be THE best bartender at Papi’s (the location on Ponce), a common Cuban chain restaurant. She excitedly shared that she had left Papi’s about six months ago, and opened up her own spot, “Mami’s La Cubana Cuban Restaurant.” I was so thrilled for her success and new beginnings, she is a wonderful lady and the restaurant is well worth the visit.

Cuban Fish Sandwich with Rice and Beans 


The food was outstanding, the atmosphere was welcoming and the coffee was delicious.

Visit the Yelp site to see the menu by clicking HERE.


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