The one thing a true Wanderluster can’t do, is stop finding ways to get SOMEWHERE [Bakers and Baristas]

Okay, so you probably can’t take me seriously now. I made a whole commitment to talking about what you can do to surpress the urge to travel by being a tourist in your own city… and then I go on an epic and completely spontaneous solo road trip! Such is the life of a true Wanderluster.

Sunday (late) afternoon, I woke up and thought, I’ve got to go somewhere, anywhere. I messaged my two consultants (aka my two girlfriends), and gave three suggested locations of short trips, and ask them to vote. They voted and I picked none of them (of course not). I decided to take a long drive up the east coast, a part of the country I haven’t spent a lot of time in. Nothing signifying a short trip.

I drove from Atlanta, Ga to Charlotte, NC, to Chester, Va. I spent the night with my cousins and continued to Washington D.C. the next morning. In D.C., I struggled to find coins to park but eventually made it work. While looking for parking, I found my first D.C. coffee stop, “Bakers &Baristas.”

Walking in, I was greeted with a delicious aroma of baked goods. The atmosphere was very hip, trendy and friendly. I was greeted by the cashier who happily took my order. I came in to get change and run back to my car, so unfortunately I didn’t get to chat with the workers there, to get to know the story of the cafe better. However, I will make a point to return next time I stop in D.C. What I did gather and appreciate about this little gem is that it is community oriented. Wednesday nights they open their doors to live music. Also, their coffee is fair trade and roasted within 48 hours of brewing. The coffee had a noticeably smooth taste with no bitterness.

Be sure to checkout their website and visit them in D.C.’s Penn Quarter Bakers & Baristas

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