An afternoon in Fairyland [Le Petit Café]

Day One of my solo adventure in New York did not disappoint. After having lunch with my friend Angelina, and having my first experience with gassy coffee (read more HERE), I chose to do some more walking (lots and lots of walking), and sight seeing. I took the Metro to the Brooklyn Bridge and chose to walk it. I must admit, I was captivated by its structure. It felt like a never ending bridge filled with people from all over the world. I snapped a shot of the bridge, accidentally catching a couple reading a map together. I liked the photo and decided to share it with them. Within five minutes, e-mails were exchanged and I had gained two new friends to visit, whenever I make it to London. Perks of solo traveling!

Walking through Brooklyn

As enchanted as I was by the bridge, I was still on a mission. I had read brief reviews on a cute cafe in Brooklyn, “Le Petit.” As I ended my bridge-walk, I caught the Metro a few more stops and started, yet another walk. Brooklyn has a much more relaxed energy. It is definitely still New York, that much is still clear. I walked past a barbershop where a man was getting his hair cut, apparently it was done incorrectly as the client was yelling, “What the F*** Frank?! You’re doing it again! Aw c’mon!” Which in return, the barber simply yelled, “Yeah, yeah, yeah!” Gotta love New Yorkers.

After a solid 15 minute walk, I arrived at Le Petit Cafe. I don’t even know where to really begin with this place. When I was in kindergarten, my friends and I used to build fairy houses. They consisted of the best sticks and leaves, the greenest moss and prettiest flowers. The interior often were detailed with sitting areas made out of pebbles, floors of pine straws and whatever else was needed for proper fairy living.  When I walked into Le Petit Cafe, I felt like I was in a life sized fairy house.

I sat in front of a Koi fish pond, with a small rippling waterfall. For the first 30 minutes, I just observed the place in detail. There small accents in every nook of the cafe; candles, bushes, statues, the prettiest flowers and even the greenest moss. It was beautiful. Although inside, the windows flooded the room with natural light that made it feel like outdoor seating.

I ordered a spinach salad. Simple, fresh and delicious. Truthfully, I was too full for coffee. However, this place was to sweet not to mention on my page. I have been told they are known for an outstanding brunch menu. It is safe to say, I will be back to this fairy house.

2 thoughts on “An afternoon in Fairyland [Le Petit Café]

  1. Coffee is life! This place in New York sounds like a really great place to get a cup and explore the city!

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