About Me

I really wish I knew how to write an about me, but truthfully part of this blog journey is to learn “about me.”

My name is Maaeah and I am a San Francisco native, relocated to Atlanta. Everyone asks me why I would leave such a fantastic city, but Atlanta is an equally lovely city with tons to discover!

I am bilingual working on my third language. My mother is from Germany (shout out to her for teaching me German and for my dual citizenship), dad is American and I’m learning Spanish. Please, help me practice.

I love three things; travel, coffee and mugs!

I started my travel journey at four months old, visiting my family. I’ve been addicted ever since and desire to see the world. I started my “coffee career,” at Starbucks three years ago. I thoroughly enjoy the company but have since looked to discover coffees outside of what the company offers. However, I will credit Starbucks in starting my obsession with finding the cutest mugs.