La Colombo and the future of coffee [La Colombo]

I had plans to meet my good friend Angelina (we met in a high school bathroom gym, after playing a basketball game AGAINST each other, we clicked instantly) on her lunch hour from work. As I texted her, “I’m here,” I noticed a sweet looking coffee shop on the corner. It didn’t take long to add, “Take your time, I’m in the coffee shop.”

I walked into La Colombo Coffee and immediately fell in love with the interior. The room had a natural flow circling a center island style coffee bar and register. The ceiling was filled with spherical lamps that added a perfect touch to the ambiance.

I picked up a menu and noticed a, “draft latte” at the bottom. I spoke with a friendly barista who explained that the draft latte, was a “hot” latte that was served chilled. In addition to milk and espresso, the latte contained a nitrous gas giving it a light and fluffy consistency. Naturally, I was intrigued, and after sampling went on to order it. It also came as a black coffee, but I did end up with the latte. I had never had anything like it, but it is safe to say I am a fan.

Check them out: La Colombo Coffee